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Launching New Products...

As every marketer knows, launching new products is essential to sustaining any business and is often a top corporate priority. However, many organizations are missing out on the value that comes from implementing a systematic and structured system for New Product Development (NPD). As a result, new product launches in those organizations often rely much more on internally-driven preferences and politics rather than market-driven opportunities.




Assessing Customer Needs...

Understanding what customers need is not only a fundamental component of market research, it can also be one of the most difficult to issues to explore successfully. Far too often, "needs analysis" is a very superficial exercise, often "relearning" information that is already known and failing to uncover the true insights that can lead to breakthrough product and communications development.





Developing and Quantifying Brand Imagery...

Many organizations face unique challenges as they continue to expand into new product categories beyond their historical base and into new consumer markets as well. This broadening of products and markets is placing new emphasis on strategy at the brand level, bringing critical issues of brand identity and brand positioning to the forefront. In particular, most marketers recognize that a clear and appealing brand image can provide instant credibility and recognition for new products as well as stemming market share erosion from low-priced competitors.

In light of the need for a compelling and recognizable brand image, what is the best method for meeting this critical objective?

...the Gray Insight Way

Gray Insight works with your NPD team to design and follow a structured process for new product development. We are experts in each of the following stages of the NPD "funnel:"

  • New Product Ideation with Consumer Validation
  • Concept Development or Refinement through Insight-Driven Qualitative Research
  • Quantitative Concept Evaluation including Benchmarks for Strategic Action
  • Standalone Volumetric Projections leading to Validated First Year Sales Forecasts

...the Gray Insight Way

We take an action-oriented, strategic approach to "needs analysis" that is based on:

  • Extensive experience talking to current and potential customers in a wide variety of ways
  • A clear understanding of the relative strengths and weaknesses of qualitative and quantitative approaches, including being able to recommend the most appropriate methodology to meet your specific research objectives
  • A focus on creativity and innovation as the keys to quality enhancements and exceeding customers' expectations
  • The keen insight required to pursue new avenues of exploration, following the line of questioning that will lead to fresh ideas and worthwhile recommendations for action

...The Gray Insight Way

When marketers face a need to design or refine their brand's fundamental positioning, Gray Insight often recommends a multi-phase research program, including:

  • An initial qualitative research phase in which consumers reveal their perceptions, language and values surrounding the client's industry, product category and key competitors. This initial qualitative research is often based on either Insight Laddering interviews, which effectively identify the product attributes, benefits and values consumers consider in making their purchase decisions or some form of Insight Psychoanalytics, a range of research approaches that explore how consumers make purchase decisions at a deep unconscious level.
  • A second quantitative phase of research that not only evaluates the client's current brand image but also defines its optimal positioning relative to both consumer needs and key competitors. This quantitative research is designed to uncover the overall market structure for the client's brand, in conjunction with all major competing brands.

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