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When you need to really understand consumers and their lives in their own terms, Insight Ethnography provides the deepest "insiders' eye view." Using techniques developed by cultural anthropologists, Insight Ethnography enables you to walk in your consumers' shoes, adopt their "native language," see the world through their eyes and understand how your product or service fits into their lives. With this powerful cultural insight, you can effectively design products, services and communications that fit seamlessly into your consumers' world.

Our ethnographic approach has proven itself in product development and communications projects for clients across such diverse industries as medical services, automotive and office products. Even such large entities as the U.S. Department of Defense utilize our approach -- our staff anthropologist, Marilyn Mitchell, conducts training in rapid ethnographic assessment for Human Terrain Teams whose mission is to provide socio-cultural insights to brigade commanders in troop deployment zones. For an initial, no-obligation research consultation or to book a Gray Insight Capabilities Webinar, please complete the following form:

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