Focus Groups/Individual Interviews

Focus Groups are expensive. Make sure they're done right!

focus groups

The success of focus groups or individual interviews depends on two critical factors:

  1. Finding the right people to talk to (i.e. good recruitment)
  2. Asking the right questions (i.e. using a skilled, experienced moderator)

If you can get these two things right, focus groups and interviews can provide you with an enormous amount of insight and valuable data. That's why they continue to be the workhorse of market research.

We've been doing them since the 1980s so we know both what works and what's a waste of your time and money. And we're not afraid to tell you when focus groups are not the right approach for your project.

Over the years, we've tackled such varied topics as wine, cars, romance novels (yes, really!), new technology, banking, all kinds of food products, pet care and everything in between. You name it, we've explored it.

Laddering to Success

Laddering is a highly-specialized research technique that uses individual interviews to define the "pathways" that represent how consumers both think and feel about various purchase decisions. The key is that Laddering goes much deeper than the rational attributes used to differentiate brands. This highly specialized technique graphically shows how consumers try to satisfy or fulfill their values by either buying or avoiding one brand over another, typically at a non-conscious level.

Building up from primary category attributes, Laddering identifies the psychological rewards and benefits each attribute provides and, ultimately, links those benefits to fundamental consumer values. If you mouseover the image on the left you'll see an actual laddering map.

By linking these values to your brand - ideally through indirect forms of communication - your brand will be more successful and persuasive because it will unlock the emotional triggers that drive decision-making. Think of the famous "baby in the tire" ad for a great example of this!

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